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Borg Domestic Solar Power Generators in India

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  • Tuesday, 8 January 2013
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  • Rajesh K
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  • The youtube video embedded above shows a short interview with Borg India Chairman & MD, Dr. Boaz Augustin. Borg India is a micro green power generation company.

    Recently, Borg India has launched Solar Power Generators in India. Their product is a combination of multiple components including solar panels, stabilizer, Inverter and MPPT charger. There are four models available - Astra Basics, Astra Prime, Astra Silver and Astra Gold. These models range from 500 W to 2500 W and are priced in between Rs. 48,000 - 2,40,000 (approx), as mentioned in the above video. Their flagship product will be the 1000W generator and is suitable for the domestic market in India, according to their MD.

    He also says that their solar power generators will initially be available across Tamil Nadu and in six months, the products are expected to be available in many other states of India, as well. The company is  expecting to launch their commercial line of products for solar irrigation, etc. in another four months. It seems, their solar panels come with performance warranty of 25 years and 5 years (extended) warranty for parts.

    According to Borg Energy website, their solar power generators will be able to work in tandem with the electrical grid. For example, when solar panels produce more power than what is required, power is taken from solar panels (only). When solar panels do not produce as much power as required, the differential power is drawn from the grid. If their system doesn't get any power from solar panels, it will draw all the electricity directly from the grid. If both grid and solar panels do not generate electricity (during power cuts in night, for example), power will be taken from a battery.

    My thoughts: 

    The advantages of such a product should be obvious. Products like this will negate the need to buy Inverters separately and will bring down monthly electrical bills. Customers (especially in the residential sector) look for solutions like this, than having to buy individual components separately. The price seems to be attractive, but a break-down of the different components involved (with specs) and payback time (RoI) might have been useful for people to decide. Of course, having to deal with a single supplier for solar panels and accessories is also a huge plus.

    Micro solar power generators market in India is huge and there is a lot of potential for products like these. But, their success will depend on how well projects are executed and customers are supported post installation. Service/technical expertise and support are vital. People who can, should come forward to buy such products as not only their monthly bills are reduced, but they also get relief from power cuts. More importantly, grid power can be supplied to those in need and can't afford such systems. Solar panels generate clean electricity and hence there is no pollution/carbon emissions.

    Borg Energy Contact No: 1800-3000-1202 (TN); 1800-30000-234 (AP)

    The indicative pricing details can be found here. But prices keep changing, hence contact the company representatives for the latest price.

    There are two Borg Power Play showrooms in Chennai,

    *** The New Sri Krishna Enterprise Power Play Showroom
    193/12, Shop no. 3, Jawaharlal Nehru Salai (Near Hotel Vijay Park), Arumbakkam, Chennai - 106.

    *** Dolphin Solar Energy Power Play Showroom
    Dolphin Solar Systems, 455/4, MTH Road, Ambattur OT, Chennai - 53.

    Please have a look at the Borg Energy website and facebook page for further information.

    Note: This website does not have any affiliation with the above mentioned company and this article is not an advertisement. Readers are encouraged find out more about the products/services from the company representatives, other users, etc. before deciding to buy anything. 
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