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Ather Energy Launches S340 Electric Scooter

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  • Sunday, 28 February 2016
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  • Rajesh K
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  • Ather Energy recently launched the S340 Electric Scooter at the SURGE Conference, Bengaluru. They claim that theirs is not just the best electric scooter, but also the best scooter among electric and petrol scooters! I am not sure if it's actually the best, but it's certainly the most modern, innovative and connected scooter available for Indian two-wheeler riders today. 

    Salient Points about the Ather S340 Electric Scooter:

    • Li-Ion Battery Lasts 50,000 KMs.
    • Battery charges up to 80% within an hour. Consumes 2.5 units of electricity for full charge.
    • Normal 5A sockets are sufficient, but charging is faster if larger sockets are used. 
    • Capable of achieving a top speed of 72 KMPH. 
    • 60 KM range with 300 Kg load. Range increases with reduced load. 
    • Prototype can go 0-60 Kmph in 11s. 
    • Scooter is 20% lighter than its petrol counterparts. 
    • Maintenance, Navigation (Maps!), digital speedometer, and time management is available on the waterproof dashboard screen. 
    • Connects to Internet via 3G SIM card. 
    • The scooter can tell you the fastest route based on your riding habits.
    • Designed and built in-house in India for Indian consumers, by IIT graduates.
    • Price to be announced in Q2 '16, and the scooter to be available from Q4, '16 (mostly).
    • Battery charging system is integrated into the scooter.
    • Online purchase model with doorstep delivery and service, at least initially. Expected to be available in Bangalore, Pune and Chennai first. 
    • Sleek form-factor with sufficient empty space to store two full-sized helmets.
    As electric scooters can be powered using solar energy, I asked the Ather Energy team on Facebook if they would provide solar modules and charging infrastructure. They said they didn't have any plans to do that right now, but may provide it in the future. When Mahindra E20 Electric car provides solar charging infrastructure as an option, I am sure Ather Energy can also do it. That has the potential to create a revolution in the Indian automobile market.

    Further Information: Ather Energy website
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