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Why Not Live in Beautiful Tiny Houses in India?

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  • Tuesday, 30 December 2014
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  • Rajesh K
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  • Tiny Houses are that - TINY! There is a revolution of tiny homes going on around the world, but in India, since many people are already living in tiny houses, maybe it's not as telling!

    The reason why tiny houses click is not because they are small or are cheap (although they are). But because they can be designed beautifully and they will stand out from all those larger houses and apartments coming often by the dozen. Of course, it's easy to power tiny houses using solar panels or micro wind turbines, as it consumes lesser power.

    Tiny houses don't mean a compromise in luxury, as some people think. You can have all luxurious elements within a small house. In fact, designing such a small house might take more effort than designing a larger home with standard components, and hence encourages DIY culture. Besides, one is not struck in life-long loans or unnecessary items cluttering one's life.

    Have a look at this tiny house constructed in Portland:
    Tiny house, Portland
    Tiny house interior, Portland
    Or take a look at this tiny house with wheels built out of an old van:
    Tiny houses are not only beautiful, elegant, compact and different, but come with a number of advantages over larger houses. Some are,
    • Low cost of construction, less tax, less land required.
    • Low maintenance cost, low electrical cost, low water consumption, etc.
    • Takes less time to clean and maintain.
    • Some are mobile and can be easily moved.
    • Discourages unnecessary buying of furniture and appliances. Forces one to buy only essential items.
    • Encourages better inter-personal relationship and communication.
    • Can be better designed with more luxury, at a lower cost.
    • Encourages people to spend more time on leisure activities than work, as there is no big house loan to pay off. That also keeps many lifestyle ailments away.
    • Can be powered with renewable energy more easily (solar, micro-wind, geothermal) as the power requirements are less.
    So why don't you consider building a beautiful luxurious small home in India? Tiny homes mean freedom in every sense :)

    Photo credit: By Tammy (Weekend with Dee) [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons.
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