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Extol Wind/Xyron - 1 MW Wind Turbine in India

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  • Thursday, 14 February 2013
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  • Rajesh K
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  • Xyron Technologies (part of Extol Wind) is based out of MP, India. Extol Wind is in the business of manufacturing wind turbines, setting up wind farms and providing wind energy services to customers. Their flagship product, EX-55 is a 1 MW wind turbine that is manufactured as per the latest GL2010 standards. Extol Wind has ambitions to go global and is actively seeking joint-venture opportunities with partners around the world.

    EX-55 is a 1 MW direct drive, gearless, variable speed, permanent magnet wind energy converter/generator, suitable for tropical climates like India. EX-55 has been certified for GL Class II B as per GL2010 guidelines. 

    Further Info/Company website: Extol Wind.
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