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Solar Lights in India: Gautam Polymers Solid Solar

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  • Wednesday, 27 March 2013
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  • Rajesh K
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  • Gautam Polymers Solid Solar is one of India's leading solar light manufacturers/suppliers. They specialize in solar lights and solar light casings. Gautam Polymers can also implement solar power plant projects in India. They mostly specialize in solar off-grid systems. They also provide services like concept generation, prototyping and product design for solar lights, which could be helpful to OEM's. 

    Gautam Polymers supplies solar CFL lanterns in various capacities ranging from 2W to 7W. These solar lanterns can be charged by solar panels. They supply home lighting systems that include solar panels, light, fan, battery, etc. Gautam Solar supplies street lights ranging from 6W to 120W LED street lighting systems.

    Gautam Polymers supplies solar light casing systems including home light casing systems, street light casing systems, lantern casings, battery box, charge controller, junction box, etc. In addition to solar lights, Gautam Solar has a tie-up with Schuco and supply their solar panels for various solar projects, solar power plants in India. They also supply solar water pumps in India.  

    Gautam Polymers Solid Solar is an MNRE accredited vendor. Hence, they will be able to pass on the solar subsidy provided by the central government. The company is headquartered in New Delhi, India and their manufacturing facilities are present in New Delhi & Haridwar.

    Further Info/Company website:  Gautam Polymers Solid Solar 
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