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Ather Energy: The Tesla of India?

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  • Tuesday, 13 January 2015
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  • Rajesh K
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  • Ather Energy has created a lot of excitement in the recent days by obtaining funding from the Co-Founders of Flipkart for their revolutionary electric vehicle start up company, based out of the Incubation Cell, IIT Madras. 

    They want to build the best scooter, not just the best electric scooter, and they are designing electric scooters from scratch by developing their own chassis, suspensions, battery technology, etc. (According to their website.)

    One look at their conceptual electric scooter, and I am already excited. Have a look at the features for yourselves from here. While you are on their website, you can also sign up to be intimated for a test drive (whenever the vehicle becomes available) if you live in Chennai/Bangalore. So go ahead, and register your name. 

    I hope the future of automobiles in India will be oil-free, and I hope we move towards that vision quickly. But that can happen only if innovators and manufacturers bring interesting vehicles and support system to the market, and customers encourage them by buying. Government is already encouraging electric vehicles with a lot of investment plans.

    The best thing about electric vehicles is: They can be charged using Solar Panels directly. It's possible to have a solar shed at home (like Mahindra e20) or it's even possible to put a solar panel directly on the roof of the bike/scooter. Not only can the scooter supplement its energy, but the commuter below can be protected from sun, rain, etc. WIN-WIN :D

    At the least, all of us can spread the news. Go share the link of Ather Energy on your Facebook wall, NOW :)
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