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Honey, the modern day Elixir

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  • Friday, 10 July 2015
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  • Rajesh K
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  • We all know honey is beneficial to health. But did you know that honey can help in weight management, or that honey can be consumed instead of sugar for healthier snacks, or that honey is a source of energy and aids in digestion? In this post, you'll find the health benefits and some important things you need to know about honey.

    Before that, I need to mention that I have started eating amla soaked in Honey occasionally to become healthier. I am spending a lot of time finding out what foods I can eat to enhance my health and honey was highly recommended, even in organic stores. I used to eat more honey when I was younger and I remember linking it. Once, we kids even took down a honeybee nest and tried to extract honey from it, but our hand-made honey was awful! :) You don't try - honey preparation is best left to professionals, I guess. 

    Here are some interesting facts, benefits, and answers about honey you must know:
    • Honey is sweeter and healthier than sugar, and hence is an excellent substitute for sugar. You can try adding honey instead of sugar while preparing certain types of foods.  
    • Honey is a good source of energy that keeps people active and it helps with digestion.
    • Eating honey helps in curing minor ailments like cold, cough, and throat irritation. 
    • Honey helps you get a more beautiful skin.
    • Honey is a natural food that contains carbohydrates, minerals, amino acids, proteins, minerals, etc. 
    • Honey can be taken in any season, including summer. It does not build heat.
    • The color of honey is not an indicator of its purity as honey comes in various colors.
    • Thicker honey is not necessarily purer than thinner honey.
    • Honey can be spread on bread instead of jam, can be used in tea instead of sugar, can be used in preparation of bakery items and desserts.
    • Crystallized honey can be returned to normal state by warming -- crystallized honey is not impure.
    • Honey is suitable for long-term storage, without refrigeration. 
    • Honey is known to have been used in the ancient times to cure ailments like gastric disturbances, ulcer, and skin-related ailments. 
    • A warm drink of lemon and honey, or honey and warm water in the mornings is good for health.
    • Apple slices can be dipped in honey and eaten, both for health and taste.
    • Honey can help you sleep better and improve memory.
    • Honey can be used to treat skins burns and wounds, especially when other medicine is not nearby.  
    • Ginger-Honey and Watermelon-Honey-Mint coolers are tasty and healthy drinks that can be made using honey. 
    • Eating honey and dried figs is said to increase athletic performance. 
    Dabur, the trusted consumer products brand in India, is the manufacturer of Dabur Honey. You may want to check their website linked above to know more about honey and its benefits.
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