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Urban Tree Green Homes & Blogger's Meet

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  • Tuesday, 14 July 2015
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  • Rajesh K
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    I went to a Blogger's meet organized by Urban Tree Constructions and echoVME in Chennai, last Saturday. Here, as usual, there were some events like quiz & adzap but the presentation by Urban Tree Constructions about Green Homes in Chennai, and how they are striving to make their properties (residential apartments) more green, impressed me much. In the above photo, you can see the CEO of Urban Tree addressing the gathering of Bloggers. 

    Here are some highlights on Urban Tree's Green Home Initiatives:
    • They use heat-reducing glass panels instead of normal glass panels (that allow all the heat to get in). This reduces the amount of air-conditioning necessary to cool the houses. 
    • They use low VOC paints that have reduced lead (and other chemicals) that are harmful. 
    • They use solid concrete blocks made with fly ash, which is a waste product from other industries. 
    • Recycled water from sewage treatment plant is used for flushing and gardening. 
    • Rainwater from terrace is collected and used for irrigation. 
    • They have fixed Aerators and other water-saving fixtures, reducing water consumption.
    • They use larger windows so that more light comes in and the requirement for daytime lighting is reduced. 
    • Walls are gypsum-plastered, so heat coming in from outside is reduced. 
    • LED lights (in common areas) and CFL bulbs reduce electricity consumption. 
    • Thermal roof insulation tiles reflect sunlight and reduce heat penetrating inside. 
    • Waste segregation and management/recycling processes are followed. 
    • Landscaping around the apartments, including over one-lakh saplings planted in one of their apartments (Oxygen) helps maintain greenery and a more pleasant appearance/climate. 
    • IGBC Green Buildings Certification enables standards-based compliance to green homes. 
    • CFC-free air conditioning reduces ozone pollution. 
    I spoke to their CEO for a short time and upon my suggestion, he said he will consider Solar Water Heaters for their properties in the future. Yay!! :)
    For further information on Green Apartments in Chennai, refer to Urban Tree website

    Disclaimer: All information given here are based on what was communicated to me on that day and what was written on their brochures. I have not verified any claims made above and hence encourage readers to do their own evaluation/verification before buying anything. This website is not affiliated with Urban Tree Homes in anyway and this blog post is for your information only. Readers should refer to the vendor's website for latest info/changes.
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